hi, i'm anna!

I'm passionate about bringing wellness to all bodies. I am a wellness coach, but take on many other roles, too! I am a photographer, writer, yoga practitioner, cook(ing enthusiast), entrepreneur, caretaker, friend; and I too am finding my way! 

I have a formal training certification in Health and Wellness Coaching received in July, 2018; a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification from YogaWorks received in March, 2018; and a BFA in Photography + Film from VCUarts received in May, 2017. Many passions, only one life. Might as well work them all!

I am by no means perfect, but I do know how to get to the other side. I am here to give you the tools, knowledge, guidance and support to help you get to YOUR other side, too - wherever that may be!

My story: How I Got here

My own personal wellness journey began when I decided to take control over my body, mind — and my life.                                                           I was in a place where all I could think was, "something has to change".

At the time, I was a full-time nanny after graduating with a BFA in photography and film from VCUarts. I was also struggling with deep insecurity, isolation, anxiety and depression, and I knew my habits around food how I felt in my body weren't helping.

One day I woke up and decided none of that had to be my truth; that I could get control over my habits and find freedom within them; that I had the power to change everything. So I did.

I basically turned my entire self (and my entire life) inside-out and upside-down. I started an online fitness + nutrition program that taught me how to move my body every day and fuel it properly, without spending hours aimlessly in the gym or restricting myself from foods I loved. And once I tapped into my physical body in a way I never had before, it translated into emotional strength and a sense of self I'd never experienced before either -- and suddenly, magic happened.

When I transformed my own self after having felt like I would be stuck in a dark hole forever, I knew I likely wasn't alone. I had lots to share, and lots of people to help climb out of that same dark hole I had just recently been in. It was about so much more than the physical appearance.

So, I enrolled myself in a Health + Wellness Coach training and started Wellness By Anna: a wellness practice for everybody and every BODY. My mission is to help you see that your ideal life, body, mindset, habits, etc -- all of it is within reach. Sometimes, you just need an extra hand to help you see it.

My role as your coach:

  • Help set you up for success, create an adjustable plan, and keep you on track in your personal wellness journey

  • ​​Set daily, weekly and long-term goals with you

  • Hold you accountable to those goals; daily/weekly check-ins

  • Help align your mindset with your aspirations

  • Have you keep a food and movement diary

  • Be available to you you as a guide and mentor 

Next Steps...

To start, I will have you fill out a questionnaire so that I can get to know you a little better and learn about your fitness and health history. This will help me focus what I offer to best serve you and your individual needs. Every body is different!

To fill out a copy of the intake questionnaire, please click the blue button below!