how long do you generally work with a client for?

Typically for ten to fifteen sessions, scattered throughout the course of one year max. This varies from client to client!

Do you work with clients in person or virtually?

Both! For local (RVA-based) clients, I often meet up in person to do meal prep work or guide them through workouts, though many of them (even local) take place via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.

do you help people lose weight?

If that's where a client needs and wants to be, with a healthy mindset, then yes -- that is something we will focus on. A big part of what I do as a coach is guide people toward self-love while working on the other more physical components, because I believe our bodies hear everything our minds think. So, if we're approaching things like weight loss, strength gains, etc with a mindset of "I need to look different/better/like someone else" -- our body is not going to respond the way we want it to. It startsĀ within you!